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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Truths about Running

1. Chub-Rub: You will get chub-rub...chubby thighs or not, your inner thighs over time & mileage will get a bit scuffed up...unless of course you are a Canadian hockey player, then maybe you can skip the Bodyglide. Otherwise, use it for any run over 10 miles or during the hot sticky weather.
2. Quite literally Number 2: You will get over your fear of pooping in public. Or in the woods, behind a tree, in the port-o-potty you're pretty sure a dead body is dumped in. It will happen. Get over it; your run will be much more enjoyable and efficient.
3. Running in public: No one is looking at you wondering why the hell you are out there in the first place. Why? Because runners are self-absorbed...we're too busy counting our cadence, thinking about our form, wondering if we'll ever make that PR (personal best record/race). Or we're too busy feeling self-conscious ourselves...or wishing we had put on that Bodyglide afterall.
4. Crossing the finish: If you run a race & run your hardest, you will pee...if only a little as your crossing the finish line. This is not gender-biased. Many a fast running males will admit to a little finish line pee. And those of us who've had babies, well, just plant a fresh pair of shorts for the post-race celebration.
5. Music vs. no music: I use to be a music person. I thought I couldn't run without it. Then, when you do & you take notice of everything around you & the discipline it takes to run a certain pace with only the thoughts in your head playing in your ears...that takes toughness. Want to be a better runner? Ditch the earbuds...plus they are a big no-no in races.
6. It hurts. No really, it hurts all the time in different & varying degrees. Early morning down the stairs...the occasional twinge moving laterally to chase down a kickball...& those 1st steps, yards, miles when you first head out for your run. It's not for the faint at heart.
7. Body type: Running won't change your body. You'll still have short legs, skinny legs, broad shoulders, big ass, no ass, tree-trunk legs, big boobs, no boobs...your genetics determine your body. Running will make you stronger, build muscle, & make you aerobically awesome...you want to change your body, add in weight training, good nutrition, & a plastic surgeon.
8. Training: It takes training to improve. That doesn't mean running fast all the time. That doesn't mean running slow & easy all the time. It takes different runs of varying mileage/speed/terrain to improve. And even then, you may be only as fast as your genetics predetermine you to be. Sucks, huh?
9. Clarity: You will do your best thinking when you are out on a long run. It's like finding God. You find yourself & all those answers you've been looking for somewhere down that long road with many miles behind you.
10. Lace'em up: Really all you need is to lace up and go. That's the beauty of it. You can have all the high tech gear you want, but if you don't head out, what's the point? If you have nothing but a pair of sneakers & you lace up and hit the road, you are a runner, a REAL runner. Happy trails:)

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