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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Born to Run

We are not born to run. I’m serious…the majority of us out there are NOT born to run. And yes, I have read the book & while it can capture you initially with all its’ kumbaya & peace, love & run free…I’m not buying it…& I’m the gal who’s motto is eat, pray, & run. I love to run and if you don’t know that by now, then, obviously I need to work on my communication skills. But in all seriousness, the majority of us do not have the body/build/genetics to run daily…& when I say daily, I mean some mileage, mixed in with some speed, every day without cross-training, weight training, and all the other things most of us need to do to be able to run and stay injury free.
Most of us have bodies that will break down, eventually. We are not made to run daily. Whether we have tight, rigid  muscles that make us more prone to injuries…or bigger builds, that translate to more weight of impact coming down, or a history that puts us more prone to overuse injuries. Now you can try to blame the shoe industry if you’re drinking the Kool-aid that book suggests…but really? Sure, I wish it were that easy… my shoes are to blame for my tight calves, tight Achilles, 5’10 & 155 lbs on an average week pounding on my poor over used feet…throw in some overtraining during my college years, oh, & being a collegiate volleyball player who had high expectations (at least in theory when you’re on scholarship)…plus some training fundamentals that revolved around  the theory “more is always better”…yep, it probably has to do with those shoes. I should ditch them, go barefoot, Vibram, or  minimalist shoes & all my problems will be solved. I was born to run, after all…that’s all I need to solve all my injuries, aches, & pains…
So listen, “Jesus” does exist in my town & he doesn’t run, he glides…& he is fast, really fast. He doesn’t need stability shoes, but he does wear running sneakers. I happen to know for a fact “Jesus” doesn’t  wear Vibrams, & he does on occasion, foam roll like the rest of us mere mortals. He was born to run. He has that build that you envision someone who can effortlessly glide at a 5:20 per mile pace would look like. He may be one of the few people I know that just may be born to run…but he still uses that foam roller. So the moral of the story, stop drinking the Kool-aid, get some good running shoes, x-train & foam roll & give “Jesus” a thumbs up when you see him…he will be the one gliding in his running sneakers.

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