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What started as a little experiment in blogging has evolved into my renewed love for writing the raw, gritty truth. Running has always had so many parallels to life's ups and downs. As a new cancer survivor/fighter, running and writing has continued to be there for me in my quest to always move forward, always try to be better than yesterday. Find me: http://www.curetoday.com/community/kate or on facebook: running, cancer, and everything in between or on twitter: runliftbreathe

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Post-race Blues

I've been dreading this...preparing for it, thinking about it, feeling it, acknowledging it, and now...trying to articulate it into words that you can relate to...I spent 16 weeks thinking about, training for, eating for, sleeping for, talking about that one race...the marathon. And when I finally reached that day, it was everything I had hoped and anticipated, the good and the difficult...it was glorious. I even got to enjoy the week after...and in my town, in the business & community in which I make my living...I even got an extra week to relish it because of all the words of praise, inquiries, and congratulations that I received.

Funny how before the race, I couldn't wait to do anything but run. Right after the race, I was flying so high I kept right on running. And now, reality hitting me and my achilles smack in the face...I have to take some time off. An aggressive strain if you will, has me off the roads (other than my coaching/hobbling around).

Now all I want to do is pick up and run. It's a constant battle with myself...do not run, rest. Do not run, pick up some weights. Do not run...yes, I even did some half-assed downward dogs before I heard the beep for the coffee pot.

I know because of everything that I have learned in exercise science and training & conditioning  of really any sport, that you cannot stay at that top level. If you have done your homework and trained appropriately, you will peak out at that day/season of competition & then, when it's over, you go back to base building. I know that. But, it's a tough pill to swallow. I did do everything right. I had an amazing 1st marathon...I might even throw my name into Boston 2015...but that's it for today. Back to the drawing board.

Now, without running, I feel without purpose. I had never experienced this type of post-race "blues" so to speak before...I could always just pick right up & move forward. Maybe it's the nature of the beast (26.2) or maybe it's the injury (I do hate not being able to do what I want to do)...I feel a sense of sadness if you will...because just like that...after 4 months of complete and utter focus...it's all over.

It kind of reminds me of the holiday season in someway...all that build up is so stressful and fun and exciting and overwhelming...and then, when it's over, what now?

Right now, I am sitting back watching what I hope will be the perfect peak for the Sox while icing my achilles...what happens tomorrow, only time will tell....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

50 Shades of Marathon

And just like that, my lust for running is reignited..

After 16 weeks of marathon training, I couldn't wait for it to be over...an aggressive Achilles strain along with the common battle scars had me in a lot of pain, and frankly, I wasn't sure I would be well enough to toe up to the start line. Fortunately, my mentor had steered me well, and we went with a very conservative training program.

After two weeks of taper torture, I felt more tired, sore, and yet freakishly relaxed about the race. After all, this could very well be my first start & finish of a marathon...just completing the training is trophy enough. And, at the same time, I was so frustrated from it all that I thought it might be time for a brief break-up....the drive was going, the love was gone...I felt left in pieces...

But like distance making the heart grow fonder...my two weeks of taper torture had me ravenous to run again...desperate...like if I didn't run, I might have nothing left of me...

On race day, during those 26.2 miles mostly alone...and with nothing in my ears but my own thoughts...it was life altering...or at least it felt that way at the time. I'm pretty sure I stared down every insecurity along with every bit of earned confidence...and in the end, despite saying I would never do that again when I could barely walk after the finish...something changed.

All week I've found myself reliving every mile, every moment for good and for bad...and every time, I come back with that same feeling...wow, that was amazing...painful, relaxing, clumsy, graceful, ugly, beautiful....and exhilarating....the type of thing that only those that have, will understand....

And I can't wait to do it all over again...