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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Race Ready or Beach Ready

Everyone that is not a runner wants to be a runner because they think somehow running is going to magically transform their body...they think they will lose the extra weight, lower their body fat, magically be toned and firm, and fit into their skinny jeans.

You want the truth? Not going to happen. Not unless you are that 1% of the population that has to eat to keep weight on, firms up picking up 5lb dumbbells and still manages to have a 36D bra size...and if that is you, you're too busy getting ready for your next Sports Illustrated shoot and don't have time to read this silly blog!

In all seriousness though, there comes a time when you've been running long enough...you've experienced all kinds of training, ran all kinds of races...hit the wall, kicked some ass, and a lot of in between...you realize that there is a big difference between being a race ready runner and a beach ready runner. That's kind of the fork in the road where you have to figure out what your genetics are, what your goals are, & then, you choose.

I remember when I first started distance running, whenever I use to start to train for a race, magically as I built up the mileage, my legs would start to disappear. I know I didn't fuel properly, and my legs always felt fatigued.  Inevitably, I never ran a race at my full potential...I chronically hit that wall and could never keep my speed up the entire race. But, man was I skinny...my skinny jeans practically hung on me.

Fast forward to today, I am a much smarter runner. I feed myself well, some days too well. I understand and know how to properly fuel myself during a long distance training run or long distance race. I can run strong and steady...even paced. And today, amidst my marathon training, I am definitely not at my "skinniest." I'm not overweight by any means, but yes, I do fill those jeans out...top shelf someone once commented.

A part of me longs for those skinny, long legs...they did always look great with a tan...but deep down, I know, my strong, Quadzillas, are what will get me across the finish line. It may not be pretty, definitely not skinny, but hopefully, well-trained & well-fueled... they will have what it takes to give me a steady race with a strong finish.

And so, for me today...my goal is to be the best runner I can be...to be race ready...even if that means, ditching the skinny jeans until after this training is over.

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